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Set Up & Training

Save time and money, using QuickBooks tools the right way, the first time!

A vital six step process to help you hit the ground running in tracking your business finances.

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Step 1

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Let's talk!   I'd like to find out what your business does, what your needs are, and what type of set up best fits your business. Desktop or Online version? Do you need access to QuickBooks from multiple computers or have multiple users? If the answer is yes, the online version is not necessarily the answer. Do you have payroll? Do you charge sales tax? What type of reports are you looking for? Is QuickBooks right for you?


I want to know more about your business! Give me a call or send me an email. 

The initial consultation is FREE. 

Step 2

Detailed Consultation

We've covered the basics. Let's get started! At this point, depending on your business. I'll need more information. For example, if you have payroll, we'll talk about your employees, rate of pay, types of worker's comp coverage, direct deposit options, etc. Another example is, if you need to send invoices to customers, we'll talk about estimates, sales orders, tracking billable costs, etc. In this step we'll talk about the details and what you need in order start working. 

At this point I will also direct you to the best prices for QuickBooks Purchase. I do not receive sales commission on any products. However, as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor I do have access to the best prices. My goal at this point is to help you find the best fit for your business at the best prices. 

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Step 3

QuickBooks Set Up

The ball is in my court. At this point I will start setting up the QuickBooks file customized for your business. This includes, setting up the chart of accounts, payroll set up, sales tax set up, income item set up, preference changes based on your needs, class tracking, etc. Don't worry if you have something complicated going on! Mention it during the initial consultation and we can discuss the best solution for you. I take an individual approach to every project. The set up completely depends on your business structure. We'll keep in contact as I create the file. 

Step 4


Training Day One is a one-on-one two-hour session about accounting. Before we jump into QuickBooks, let's talk about the accounting basics. This is vital! I find that understanding the fundamental accounting principles will allow you to understand how QuickBooks works.

You'll learn about tax deductions, assets, depreciation, business equity, and more! You will walk away being able to read and understand a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Statement as well as how they interconnect. You will become versed in how your revenue is taxed based on your business structure.  This session will provide you with a wealth of information! This is probably the most valuable step in the process!

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Step 5


Let's get down to business! Your QuickBooks file will have been set up at this point. Training Day Two is a one-on-one two-hour QuickBooks training session. You'll learn how to use QuickBooks to run payroll, create and send invoices, post transactions, reconcile your bank account, etc. But most importantly you will learn how to run reports to see how your business is doing. 

If needed, we may set up as many continued training sessions as needed. This will depend on your computer skills but mostly the complexity of the business. 

Step 6

Start Using QuickBooks!

You are now equipped to use QuickBooks to its fullest potential. I'm here to help! If you have follow-up questions, give me a call! Growing your business? I'm here to help expand the QuickBooks set up. You are in good hands!

​Experience shows that people who complete the Set Up & Training process with me become confident in their knowledge and are able to use QuickBooks using the accounting knowledge backbone. I'm excited for your business growth and look forward to seeing you go to town!

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Pricing Details

Please Call for Pricing 509-934-8700

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